Online application


1 - Proof of at least three years of previous study in art (academic record) : fine arts, art history, music, architecture, design, film, video, dance ...;

2 - Good knowledge of French: self-assessment (TCF or TEF test B2 in general) ;

3 - Provide the URL for a website containing the following*:

- a cover letter presenting your application
- a personal imaginary art gallery, with a selection of a maximum of 20 works of art that have been of particular importance for you. Be sure to include the format, date, medium, and location for each work.
- twenty photographs of your artwork (paintings, sculptures, installations, etc.) with captions.

This site can be a blog or portfolio ready and free or a site built by you. This site can not be a Facebook account.

  * Only the content of the website, and not the form, will be taken into consideration; it is in no way necessary to use sophisticated presentations with “flash” animations or other effects. This site will provide the basis on which juries from the art schools may decide to interview candidates by telephone.

Each school can then add their prerequisites: they will be visible on the "prerequisite" tab CampusArt training catalog online.

You should definitely consult the "prerequisite" tab of each online training CampusArt to whether or not you can apply on selected courses.
Caution: If the prerequisites required not match your level of language study or training age chosen, the CampusArt team can not validate your application online.

Start of the new academic

International students (in other words those not of French nationality) having studied art for at least 3 years (or currently in the 3rd year) can apply over the Internet by complet ing just one application which is then sent to all the institutions belonging to the network.

The electronic application form enables students to give details of their academic background.  In addition, a paper version of the application (including supporting documents) is mailed to CampusFrance in order to validate the electronic file.
Students provide information in a file to which all CampusArt program directors have access.

Schools from the network then send an offer of acceptance to selected candidates. Candidates are notified whether they have been accepted or not by beginning april 2014 at the latest.

The electronic file naturally allows students to describe their background and to mention any preferences (programs, fields of study, subjects and type of program). Candidates are free to accept or refuse any offers of a place on a study program. However, they can enroll in only one program .

Enrollment in one of the CampusArt programs is confirmed through the payment of registration fees (300 euros). Candidates are not required to make any further payment until their enrollment is confirmed (except for any expenses incurred relating to documents that need to be furnished with the electronic file).

The actual fees for the program are subsequently paid directly to the selected institution. The total amount is listed  in each offer of acceptance  sent to candidates.

CampusArt and countries using the CEF procedure

CampusArt complements the CEF that is now operational in most countries where prospective students must obtain a visa to enter France. The CEF process is mandatory wherever it exists. Intending students must complete the CEF process in addition to the CampusArt application. It is the CEF process that enables the student to obtain a French visa.

CampusArt enables advanced students (that is, those who have already finished at least three years of postsecondary education in art) to quickly obtain an offer of admission from a French institution of higher education. Students who have an offer in hand are in a better position to obtain a visa. 

CampusArt also provides orientation, guidance, and information about art education in France.

And CampusArt is completely free until the applicant chooses to accept an offer of admission. So there’s no reason to hesitate. CampusArt was established to inform and assist prospective international students.

Mandatory registration procedure in the country using the CEF procedure

In some thirty countries, a cloud application process line was established. It must necessarily be followed for obtaining the "student" visa.

The countries covered by the CEF procedure are :

Algeria Argentina Benin Brazil Burkina Faso Cameroon
Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo (Brazzaville) Cote d'Ivoire
Gabon Guinea India Indonesia Japan Lebanon
Madagascar Mali Marocco Mauritius Mexico Peru
Senegal Russia South Korea Syria Taiwan Tunisia
Turkey USA Vietnam

It is a device that allows the candidate to study in France to benefit from support and advice for all his efforts to the visa application and follow the evolution of the electronic record .

The candidate opens an account from the website of Campus France country of residence and a dematerialized procedure that allows him to formulate requests for training and dialogue with his country CampusFrance and institutions from where he seeks follows pre-registration through a Request for Admission Prerequisite (DAP) or not.

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