The CampusArt network

A network of French art schools

CampusArt is a network of French institutions offering university level programs within the field of art, led by Campus France with the support of the French Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs and Culture.

The CampusArt network offers students from all over the world a wide choice of programs in art tailored to the needs of the international student, at both Bachelor and Master levels.

These programs (currently about two hundred), mainly run by public or private post-secondary art schools, are presented in the catalog CampusArt of this website.

An innovative application process

International students with at least 3 years of university-level studies in art (or who are currently in their third year) are able to file a single online application that will be sent to all the institutions belonging to the network.

Students will also have the opportunity of meeting an Campus France representative (available in 45 countries) to assist them in filling out their CampusArt electronic application form.

List of Espaces Campus France Offices worldwide.

CampusArt ne se substitue pas à la procédure CEF instituée maintenant dans la plupart des pays où un visa est nécessaire. La procédure CEF est obligatoire dans les pays concernés.

Vous devez donc en suivre les étapes en même temps que vous complétez le dossier CampusArt, car c’est la procédure CEF qui vous permettra ensuite d’obtenir le visa français.

CampusArt est une chance supplémentaire pour un étudiant de niveau déjà élevé (plus de 3 années d’études supérieures), d’obtenir rapidement une attestation de pré-inscription dans un établissement français qui vous aidera à obtenir le visa.

CampusArt est en outre un moyen de vous orienter et de vous informer.

CampusArt est enfin entièrement gratuit jusqu’à ce que vous obteniez une proposition d’inscription d’un établissement, donc n’hésitez pas, CampusArt a été créé pour informer et aider les étudiants étrangers… !


1- Create Art: today, the CampusArt network is mainly focused on fine arts, applied arts and design.  The network comprises both private and public schools offering programs geared towards candidates destined for a career in art in various creative fields, including fashion, interior design and graphic design: in other words, those who wish to create art.

2- Study / Manage Art: the network now incorporates universities that offer not only many theoretical programs, but also management programs for a career in art. The network constitutes a center of excellence in French post-secondary education. In fact, cultural operators, event managers, directors and managers of artistic companies and various cultural centers of all kinds throughout the country now boast extensive and widely recognized know-how. Theorists and art critics, as well as “cultural managers” often come from universities.

3- A larger choice of programs: CampusArt is also widening the choice of programs on offer within the field of artistic creativity, such as theatrics (theatrical music, dance, street art and the circus), new technology (interactive digital cinema, animation, video games) and architecture/urban planning, thereby enhancing the overall array of programs available within the artistic field in France. The various subject information sheets will provide you with details and help you to make the right choice.